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EDITOR’S NOTE: This morning, I had the honor of speaking at the funeral of Jacob Marriott, a young cowboy who died last week just a couple weeks shy of his 27th birthday. I didn’t know Jake, but because of his mother, Dee, I knew his heart. Dee asked me to be part of this amazing service, and I hope I captured Jake’s personality and of those who love him. This is what I read this morning:


As I look around this room today, a common theme is deep in my heart. This is a place for family, for love, but this also is a place for cowboys.

Jake Marriott

Jake Marriott

Being a cowboy is much more than a title, much more than a job, much more than a hat. Cowboy is a lifestyle, a breed. It’s a personality, one that is born and engrained in everything we do.

Cowboy is a way of life, whether it’s riding horseback through the grasslands … or working cattle in a muddy pen … or praying to our Lord and Savior. We wear the brand proudly, because we know that it is a tribute not only to our heritage, but also to our hearts.

It’s more than ranch work and more than rodeo, because this lifestyle, OUR lifestyle, is about caring for others, sharing passions and overcoming challenges. Whether it’s a feisty horse that needs a little extra attention or a grieving family that needs a lot of extra love and support, cowboys are there.

Cowboys know the meaning of effort. They don’t always ride for eight and the loop doesn’t always fit, but there’s always determination, there’s always try. If one word could ever describe a cowboy, that’s it: TRY.

Jake Marriott lived the life of a cowboy, and I, for one, am thankful he did.

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  • Audrey Wheeler:

    You did such a great job understanding who jake and every other cowboy in that room was. I don’t believe anyone could have put this in a better way. Fantastic job and incredible words!

  • Mike Marriott:

    I didn’t get a chance to thank you after the service so I Thank you now. You did a wonderful job of capturing Jake’s life spirit. Thank you again.

    • Ted Harbin:

      Thank you, Mike and Audrey. It was surely my honor to be there with you yesterday, and your words definitely make it my blessing, too.

  • Dee Marriott:

    Thank you Ted. You did an awesome job of creating exactly what I asked you to do. You captured in words what everyone could see by looking around the room. Captured the spirit, love and heart of a cowboy and Jake’s friends. It was a beautiful tribute to the wonderful young man that he was. We are so fortunate to be able to call you and Lynette friend. Love you both.

  • Russ Marriott:

    Thank you for the nice ceremony.

    As the course of life takes us all in so many different directions unfortunately we don’t get to know someone as well as we’d like. Families grow in size and branches go off in every which direction. A couple days ago, I learned that my cousin was a cowboy, a wonderful, hardworking man with a big heart, full of humor and had a huge amount of friends. I came to give my respects to Mike and Dee, Gary and Connie. But, I gained respect for a young man I never really knew. I’m very sorry for the hurt and loss that you are all feeling…Jake was taken much too young. But, the ceremony and attendance is a testimony to the wonderful job that Mike and Dee did in raising their son.

    My sincere condolences, Russ

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