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Ted Harbin
Rodeo Media Relations
(660) 254-1900

To e-mail me, click on my name.

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  • Heather Perssonatti:

    I have joined the facebook page to save Justin. I have been watching the PBR on TV back when Don Gay was an announcer, to Justin, to the present time. I really hate it without Justin. I never know the stats, there is huge gaps of no talking- it is sooooo boring. I really love Ty very much- and he knows what he is talking about, but come on- It is a bit boring just listening to him and Craig Hummer. WE NEED JUSTIN BACK!!!!! HEY- WHERE IS LEAH??? The new young girl- I really Dislike her!!! What the hell is this new producer doing??? Your dumb!!!!!!!!!

  • Ted,
    I have been taking the liberty to repost some of your content over on our website. We are new owners here and I think we might be able to help each other with some cross promotion. Would you be interested in having a custom video player made for your website. This would be at no cost to you but allow you to select video content from our library of videos to be played on your site.
    We are also interested in adding new video content to our library. We are a PR and news network. So we would like highlights from different rodeos and equestrian events. An organization is welcome to use our tools to promote their events. Please contact me with any questions

  • How do we become a member of your site?

    Lazy J Rodeo Safety Equipment

  • Patty:

    Hey you, counting on you sending me the results after each rodeo for our NFR Blind Buy fundraiser so we have the correct results! Hope you are having fun! See you Sunday! Wow, some people are a deal on here, Huh? Ha!! Patty

  • The results of BucDays slack seem slack. Can you find them?

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